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Producer. Consultant. Innovator.

Alana Blaylock is an Emmy-Award-winning producer and businesswoman with a strong background in developing content and devising strategies for the top entertainment platforms in the nation. Alana strives for greatness when telling stories, seeking supreme results for clientele and respective audiences. Having worked closely with networks such as Apple, CNN, Amazon, YouTube, and MSNBC, Alana is well-versed in ideation and creative execution with the aim of delivering quality, compelling content. As a forward-thinking professional and pioneering project manager with the proven ability to combine vision and strategic business acumen, Alana is a trusted leader, ensuring success across show launches and direct response efforts. With a vested interest in client success and exceeding client needs, also having appeared in Forbes and Black Enterprise, Alana continues to reach for unprecedented heights because she knows the sky is the limit.

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