Alana Blaylock is an Emmy-Award winning producer and businesswoman with a strong background in writing, producing, and devising strategies for the top entertainment networks in the nation.

As a confident, fun-loving, empathetic individual, Alana strives for greatness when telling stories, seeking supreme results for clientele and respective audiences. 

Having worked closely with networks such as CNN, Amazon, and MSNBC, Alana is well-versed on creative execution and the practice of delivering quality, compelling content. 

As a storyteller, I've been placed on this Earth to not only share my life with others but share my insight, experience, and skillset to inform through various mediums. It's a true joy to create with people from all walks of life and ensure their voices are heard and their visions are taken to the next level.





That "It" Factor

Set yourself apart in your industry with expert production services. Elevate your entertainment with Alana's vast knowledge and expertise.

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Storyteller Extraordinaire

Through ideation, strategy, and production, Alana facilitates client missions, seeing dreams through from inception to completion.

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Noteworthy Content

Alana curates content to keep people coming back for more, content that draws an audience and keeps them engaged and informed, too.

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