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As a devout creative and Emmy-Award Winning Producer, Alana Blaylock’s dynamic, creative niche has impacted media and driven culture forward. Her credits impressively include producing premium documentary content for networks like YouTube Premium, Amazon Prime, The Grio, HBO, and ESPN, to name a few.


Alana has mastered unscripted productions ranging from true crime recreations, pilots, news specials, and
live events. With over ten years in the entertainment industry, Alana uses her intellectual curiosity to connect with others and uncover answers to the world’s most pressing topics, such as police brutality and criminal justice reform, to name a few.  


"I'm thankful to have contributed to series on these subjects because we see that people of color are becoming more aware of their rights. As a result, communities are more comfortable advocating for themselves."

During her collegiate years at Georgetown University as an English major with a Spanish and Sociology minor, Alana became fascinated with
the art of writing and was presented the unique opportunity to study in Madrid, Spain. Alana seized that opportunity during her junior year of college and immersed herself in all things Espanola.

Between meeting new people from all walks of life and enjoying the unfamiliar yet fascinating nightlife of Spain, Alana tapped into her adventurous, free-spirited side, which added to her zest for the craft of writing.

Her travels did not stop there, though. Alana traveled to Portugal, Amsterdam, Paris, London, and her personal favorite, Marrakech, where she not only learned about other cultures but gained priceless insight into her life, too. Her vast education, coupled with her worldly travels, prepared Alana for a soaring career in journalism.


Prior to becoming an award-winning producer, Alana worked in fashion PR for amfAR, 42 West, and Bloomingdales, Inc.


“Working in the world of public relations taught me the nature of shifting a narrative from a negative to a positive,” Alana shares. “In carrying that lesson into production, my eye for developing the good within the bad has strengthened, too.”


Alana consults for brands who need assistance with content. With a vested interest in success and exceeding client needs, also having appeared in Forbes, Black Enterprise, Galore, and XoNecole, Alana continues to reach for unprecedented heights because she knows the sky is the limit.

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